Sending Cambodian children to school

Cambodian children would like to enroll in school. But their families live on less than $1 a day and need your support. By giving your donation, you can help increase the number of children in school today!

With your donation, you are providing the necessary supplemental income that will drive children into school instead of the workplace.

The children can enroll in school sustainable, without worrying that enrolling in school will come at the cost of feeding their families. Increased schooling means better job opportunities, higher pay, a better standard of living, and greater likelihood of self-sufficiency for children. The benefits of an educated populace cannot be under emphasized.  

Education is often understood as the foundation for economic development & prosperity, political stability, and social security. We believe The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) says it best: “Literacy is universally linked with poverty reduction, economic growth and wealth creation. A map of areas of high illiteracy in the world corresponds quite closely with a map of high levels of poverty – a complex cycle of deprivation, implying a high level of vulnerability to changes in social, economic, ecological and demographic circumstances.

We invite you to join us in sending children to school!

We focus on literacy and education and we invite you to join us in helping these children change their life by join us in helping these children. We welcome you every donation counts by being a 100% charity every dollar contributed to children go to the schools in Cambodia. We invite you to join us in giving these bright and energetic children opportunity and hope. We provided one of the best values available for those who give to charity.

In Cambodia school enrollment starts in October. Our goal is to prepare poor children in rural Cambodia for survival in Cambodia’s rapidly changing economic landscape. The goal was to raise enough money help these children go to school. Our project will start in supporting and improving children’s health and education in Tramkok District Takeo Province, and will extend to any part of the country where there is a dire need for the children to continue their studies.