Small Bridge / Canal Construction

Community infrastructure has been severely damaged during Khmer Rouge time. In order to improve the socio-economic development at rural area, IFDO has constructed small bridge for people use to transport their product cross the river to the market place. On the other hand, the drainage canals have also been constructed to irrigate water for agriculture purpose. Village community uses all these means to improve their living condition through generating income.

Starting from 1 January 2006, The International Friendship Development Organization (IFDO), had sign an agreement with UNHCR as its implementing partner in order to provide assistance to the Montagnard refugees and asylum seekers at the sites. The agreement has extended throughout 2011. The main objective of IFDO is to provide adequate shelter, food, non-food commodities, informal education, health care and logistical arrangements to Montagnard people during the refugee status determination process until durable solution have been implemented.